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Ken Caillat LANDSCAPE2

27 Feb Profiles: Ken Caillat

Not many music works from Rolling Stone’s ‘Top 25 Albums of All Time’ can also display the label of “standard reference” in most audio engineering studios around the world.  Along with Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Nirvana’s Nevermind. the only album you will see standing in that podium is Rumours, by Fleetwood Mac.  The man behind this timeless production is the multi-awarded producer Ken Caillat.  Ken’s record production and engineering efforts earned him numerous Grammy nominations, including Album of the Year Grammy and Best Engineered Album Grammy Nomination for Rumours, which comes to be the third largest selling album of all time.  His recordings have sold over 50 million copies and include such stars as Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson to name a few.

Regarding the role of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours in the audio engineering realm, you will find a great example of perfect frequency balance, interesting panning, effective use of headroom and intelligent use of ambience and reverb effects, all of these elements making the album sound as modern today as by the time it was recorded.  You can find detailed first-hand information about the creative and technical aspects in the book Making Rumours, co-written by Steven Stiefel and Caillat himself.

Besides his personal merits as a record producer and audio engineer, Mr. Caillat has built a number of relevant enterprises in the audiovisual entertainment world, as Highway One Media Entertainment, 5.1 Entertainment Group and Immergent Records.

www.kencaillat.com                                         www.makingrumours.com