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About This Project

Nate Khind (vocals/guitar), Brian Ochoa (bass/vocals) and David “Chip” Clifford (drums) make up the progressive hard rock band The Khind. Influenced by bands such as Carcass, Rush, Mr. Bungle, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Pantera, Primus, and Nine Inch Nails, they have built their unique and innovative sound. Originally formed in 1996 by Nathan Golla and David “Chip” Clifford, The Khind played several shows throughout the Inland Northwest. They recorded their first album, called “Universal Gods” in 1998 and released it independently. The band went through several personnel changes. Ochoa joined in 2000 and together they continued touring for the next couple years. On April 2016, the band released a full set of selected works from recent years in a 3-disc pack, called Trilogy: Doom / Delusion / Delirium. This effort shows a quantum leap in The Khind’s sound and concept, spanning a wide range of feels and sounds within their characteristic style. Recorded and Mixed by Nathan Golla & Ryan Leonardson at Khind-of Records (Lewiston, ID) Mastered and Edited by Carlos Santos-Györi at Polaris Studios.