Polaris Studios | FABIO ADAMI ft. JUAN MIGUEL
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About This Project




Living between two passions: the perfect way to describe Fabio Adami’s life. During his medical university years in Venezuela and his working stint in the country’s busiest hospital, everyone around could see Fabio passing by with his guitar in tow and his book-filled backpack, always relying on his instrument as a source for the sweet touch he needed to drain the hard times of day-to-day life. After a bunch of years full of great stories and a fast-growing career as a singer/songwriter, Adami has developed a unique musical identity which blends different styles in a sound that results appealing for always-growing audiences around the world. “Llegó el Amor” (ft. Juan Miguel) is Adami’s most recent hit-single.


Check Fabio’s website for more music and news!


Produced by Yasmil Marrufo.


Mixed and Mastered at Polaris Studios.