Polaris Studios | Death Illuminate
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About This Project


Hometown: Lewiston, ID Shane - Cryptic growls and undead voice of truth Ominous - Six strings of infernal rage and graven shrieks Ryan - Six strings of frostbitten terror Mors Aniqua - Four strings of the deepest nightmares Veterix - Netherworldly blasts of wind and thunder Bio: After feeling a call from the darkness, we went on a journey to follow the moon through the fog and shadows, only to gather amidst the rot and decay of the forests of old where many a creature has died and souls wander aimless. It is here that we started the practice of the musical incantations of metal so black to illuminate the works of Death. It was here that the dark entity was born. The entity to channel the words of Sin and Satan himself. Death Illuminate. Recorded & Mixed by Nathan Golla at Khind-of Records Mastered by Carlos Santos-Györi at Polaris Studios