Polaris Studios | BEN BARBIC
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About This Project

Ben Barbic’s music is a mix of acoustic, hip-hop, and reggae sounds. The themes of his music deal with finding inner peace and what it takes to overcome obstacles and thrive in life. Upon going solo in 2013, he has seen an incredible buzz around his music and its reception. Barbic has quickly gained a substantial internet fan base of over 60,000, along with national and international airplay, numerous reviews and interviews, placement in theatrical performances, one song added to the curriculum of a college class dealing with addiction and a lot more; he's currently acting and performing his music in two upcoming feature films and a reality show to be released internationally in 2016. Ben is also featured in the upcoming feature film ”El Síndrome de Adán" by mexican director Noel Gutiérrez Tagle and featuring Julio Bracho, Jullye Giliberti, and Jose Luis Franco. Additionally, he is slated to have music placed and be featured in the upcoming film "Boulevard Miami" which has even big promotional and distribution promises. "Boulevard Miami' will be produced in California, Florida, Mexico City, Leverkusen and Paris. Furthermore, the executive producer of the reality show ‘Knockout Season 3: Celebrity Edition’ recently said that he wanted Ben’s music featured in the new season, which is slated the Fuse TV to over 70 million homes. "Traveler" is already available at all digital music stores. Written by Ben Barbic, Anthony Michael Peterson, Carlos Santos Györi and Antonio Socas. Mixed by Antonio Socas and Mastered by Carlos Santos Györi at Polaris Studios.