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Keith Ochoa - Wide for Blog


Musician, singer, songwriter, R. Keith Ochoa was born December 5, 1971 in Santa Rosa, California. After moving to Idaho at the age of 11, his passion for playing guitar blossomed at age 15, when his grandpa put old electric guitar in a yard sale. Keith asked if he could have it, and from that moment on, his passion for music exploded. He would practice playing guitar 6 to 8 hours a day, playing almost non-stop from the moment he got home from school until it was time to go to bed.

With his own style of original, feel-good, backroads-country-rock n roll, Keith currently lives in the small town of Kendrick, Idaho where he grew up and where his many life adventures can be heard as influences his song-writing.  Keith’s music really hits home with those who like to work hard and play harder. His lyrics wake the souls of those who appreciate good, honest, straight-to-the-heart music as much as an ice-cold beer.

Keith played in various bands through-out the years, with his most successful being that of Whiskey Black, which he co-founded with his brother. They were an originals-based band and recorded three albums:  Stone Cold Crazy (2004), Broken (2005) and their final and most successful, Watering Hole (2009). At the peak of its success, Whiskey Black was fortunate enough to open for several well-known musical acts. With their heavier, blues-tinged rock n roll, and extraordinary high energy displayed at their shows they were as much fun to watch as they were to listen to. They kept the fans’ interest peaked with a variety of original music that people could relate to. But, as the saying goes, “Life Happens”, and Whiskey Black was dissolved as the members each amicably went their own way to explore individual musical paths.

Today, with over 100 original songs in his back pocket, Keith is carrying on that high energy with relatable lyrics in a musical solo career that tips its hat to a gritty, backwoods, down-to-earth life style.  His 80’s hair-band influences come out in his own style of country music. Keith continues to write music that everyone can relate to and play live as much as his schedule will allow.

His upcoming EP “Water”promises to be a game-changer, show-casing his uncompromising musical abilities on the acoustic guitar.


Recorded and mixed at Khind-Of-Records.

Mastered by Carlos Santos Györi at Polaris Studios.