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Online Mastering Services

At Polaris Mastering, we exclusively offer online mastering services for musicians, producers and record labels around the world; as some other specialized studios, we have a number of reasons to adopt this approach, all of which will bring undeniable benefits for both the final results and the mastering workflow:

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The artist will better appreciate the finished master as a complete new experience in all its dimensions.  Of course, we will take in serious consideration any suggestion and get hands-on to satisfy any proposal coming from the artist after the first delivered version of the work.  We encourage the artist to listen to the finished master on different devices, in order to check that the music translates nicely to different playback systems, which makes one of the core objectives of mastering.

Any given project sent to us to be mastered is “taken” by one mastering engineers, but every material is listened to in its entirety by both of the engineers at some crucial stages of the process, with some decisions being taken in a teamwork fashion. Naturally, both of our engineers are not always present at the facility at the same time or available to work over the same material in a full-day basis, so it’s a bit difficult to implement this working method in artist-attending sessions.

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To keep “fresh ears” and objective impressions during the mastering process, most of the time our engineers take their duties under an approach that avoids working in a straightforward fashion regarding the sequential sections of a given song or project. This clearly yields better results in making a collection of songs or track parts sound as a whole, by listening and treating, for example, the core elements of different songs to make them sonically cohesive, and then working over the surrounding sections and the transitions between songs.  Also, we often add a few-hours interval between tasks or even a full-night rest for ear cooldown before finishing a master next morning. This operating mode comes to be greatly effective to get closer to the artist’s desired direction, both sonically and conceptually.

The metadata encoding and the critical listening stage of mastering process imply, respectively, a somewhat “tedious” technical work which is better performed by the engineer alone, and then a couple of passes of extremely careful listening to the entire program in a least 5 different playback environments (the mastering studio itself, a home system, an audiophile setup, an average car stereo system and of course, iTunes in both speaker and headphone-driven setups).




  • High End Audio Mastering for music projects, for both individual tracks and full-lenght album works, with a variety of delivery formats:


For individual tracks:


  • High Resolution Release on WAV or AIFF format
  • “Mastered for iTunes” format


For full-lenght album works (or any project intended for sequential playback of 2 or more songs):


  • DDP Master file
  • Audio CDs (CD-R for replication)


Full-lenght album / EP mastering also include individual high resolution delivery of the individual songs on your desired format, at no extra cost.


  • Selected professional Analog and Digital Mastering equipment, suited for every project and driven by experienced mastering engineers


  • TV, advertising and broadcasting audio mastering / editing


  • Competitive mastering rates for all projects


  • Excellent turnaround times on the delivery of your mastered works








Contact us by artists@polaris-studios.net for a personalized quote!